Painters Pyramid

The Painter’s Pyramid® is a durable and versatile tool that safely props your project off the work surface so you can save time and effort while improving the results on many craft projects.

   • Improve Results - Easier access to edges ensures better results and eliminates project sticking to the work surface (newspaper, etc.).
   • Save Time - There is not more waiting for paints, glues, etc. to dry before completing your project. You simply flip the "wet" project over and place it on the Painter's Pyramids, then complete the rest of the craft.
   • Save Effort - Messy clean-up is reduced by completing crafts in one session and elevating those projects off the work surface.

The nonstick material is impermeable to paint and solvents and is extremely durable and versatile. It can balance both delicate and large projects for less mess and an easier set up and clean up time. The pyramids are stackable, re-usable, easy-to-use and appropriate for crafty kids as well.

Its rounded, non-stick point makes only minimal contact with the object being painted so touch-ups aren’t required.
   • Minimizing the touch point with the object being painted
   • Being formulated of a high density polymer that paints, stains and many glues do not adhere to
   • Having the versatility to handle heavy objects (up to 200 lbs)